Treatment Programs, Crisis Intervention, & Support Groups

We give you options and tips on how to diffuse a crisis situation. We offer support groups to counsel and empower you to think clearly about your situation so that you can understand and make better choices about your particular situation. 

Sexual Assault & Rape Prevention

Have you been a victim of rape or sexual assault? What do you do now? Rape is a violent act of forced intercourse. We offer you information and tips on how to prevent rape. Rapist do not act in order to satisfy sexual desire. They are motivated by anger and the hunger for power and control. We have counselors who will help you through trauma. You will be counseled, educated, and empowered to act on this violation so that you can move forward with your life. 

Abuser Treatment

Abusers need counseling too, and this is the place to get it. We counsel the abuser to identify and help him/her control his/her anger in ways other than violence.

 Batterer's Intervention Program

The courts make it mandatory for a convicted batterer to enroll in a counseling program as part of their probation. This is the only program that we offer that carries a small fee. If the batterer does not participate in these classes, they is subject to violation of his probation and will have to appear before the Judge again in court and will often be sentenced to time in prison. 

Life Skills Training

We will teach you "Life Skills," the basic information you need to develop the skills for survival, resume writing, employment, self-esteem building, being assertive, getting motivated, nutrition and cooking, dressing to impress, becoming a better listener, managing your finances, and so much more!