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How to get involved? 

Donate financially

Donate Items to our shelter:

(a list good/items needed will be updated monthly on our "blog" page)



     Volunteer Opportunities

There a multitude of avenues in which one may volunteer, including, but not limited to, in our shelter, Bee Hive Thrift Stores, Virtual Call Center, and at events. 

As a volunteer you can:

  1. Work in our thrift store, The Bee Hive.
  2. Help maintain and repair the shelter by making necessary repairs or building upgrades. Or you can help by cleaning the shelter and its grounds.
  3. Be a sitter for the children of our clients as they accomplish their goals during their stay.
  4. Assist in the daily operations of the office
    • Helping to answer the 24-hour Crisis Line
    • Performing office duties such as typing, filing, etc.
  5. Upon training, volunteers can act as court advocates.
  6. In our virtual call center, you can be trained in marketing and assist with our fundraising endevaors. 

Our agency has a strict Confidentiality Policy followed by all staff, board members and volunteers. 

Volunteer Application

All volunteer opportunities are currently open, submit information below & you will be contacted promptly.  

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